October 19, 2021

NFT Platform “Rad Collectibles” Launching with Holograms from Superstars

Today Rad.live announced the launch partners for its NFT marketplace, Rad Collectibles, which goes live on May 14th with hip-hop superstar Calboy, world-renowned DJ/producer Nghtmre, and 5 time X-Games gold medalist Elliot Sloan. The Ethereum-based NFTs will include volumetric holograms, unreleased music, and the top auctions include a physical frame to display the holograms, in-person experiences, and art. Rad’s platform allows creators to package any type of limited edition premium content alongside its full streaming service across devices.

In addition to NFT sales, Rad will also give away exclusive NFTs available only to people who subscribe and connect their wallets. These NFTs will only be available to subscribers and people participating in the platform. The giveaways will include airdrops of ARA tokens, and there will be further integration with the content blockchain platform Ara for distributed content delivery.

“Rad is pumped to be partnering with superstars and top studios in music, film, and sports. Getting these drops is like buying a hologram of Jay Z when he started his career,” said Tony Mugavero, Co-founder and CEO of Rad. “The holograms alone can cost $30k – $100k to produce, so the inherent value is insane, not to mention the ability to show off your NFT on a physical display or as AR. We’re building the Netflix of blockchain, with apps on PlayStation, iOS, Google TVs, and over 200 content deals already done.” 

“I’m super excited to be a part of the Rad community and have this platform to launch my first NFT. I think it’s just the beginning of something incredible for athletes, musicians, and artists,” Said Elliot Sloan, 5-time X-Games gold medalist.

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