October 19, 2021

Israeli Startup NFTrade to Launch One-Stop-Shop for NFTs

NFTs took a few years to catch on, but have now produced over $1 billion in total trading volume. Today, this new asset class is generating hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions per month, with no signs of slowing down as more creators, collectors, and speculators continue to get involved. Both DeFi and traditional financial markets are beginning to see the possibilities that NFTs present, but NFT platforms available today are largely rigid and segmented in what they are able to offer their users.

Whether the bottleneck is limited functionality, high transaction fees, centralization, or a myriad of other problems, it’s time for a single NFT platform to come to market that services every aspect of the NFT lifecycle without compromise. That’s where NFTrade comes in.

NFTrade is touting itself as the first true one-stop-shop for NFTs. A decentralized multi-chain and cross-chain NFT exchange, trading platform, creation hub, social media platform, NFT project launchpad, and staking application. The solution lets NFT enthusiasts seamlessly launch, mint, and swap non-fungible tokens. In other words, NFTrade is building the ultimate NFT platform, one that is available on every popular native chain, with all the functionality of the entire NFT marketplace in a single application.

The NFT token will be the governance and utility token for the NFTrade platform, allowing holders to have a direct say in the future decision-making and directional capabilities of the platform. The NFT token will also provide users platform fee discounts and the ability to stake and earn exclusive NFTs and a solid APY as passive income.

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