October 21, 2021

3 Beautiful NFT Drops You Need To See This Week

One of the most impressive aspects of the emerging NFT space is the wave of the incredible talent that it’s helping to expose.
To give digital artists even more exposure for their work, we’re going to feature a few of the most notable NFT drops you need to see each week, the inspiration behind it, and links to purchase their work. We’ve sifted through tons of NFT art to give you our favorite picks of the week!

A Hundred Year Journey

Alvin Koay had this to say about his work: “This is a 3D model of a 100% original painting that I did on a tree branch. I collected this block of the branch that was chopped down by the city council and I painted the story of the tree that had endured over the century. In the inner city of Georgetown, Penang, where I stay, some of these trees that line the roads are more than 100 years old and the city council would trim them occasionally.”

“This piece of art came from my intuition. I would sometimes wonder how the decades have passed since the trees were planted. If they had eyes, they would experience and see how the city has grown over the years. The lines, markings, and objects that I painted on the branch denotes the visions of the tree over the passage of time. There are many stories to be told, only if the tree can tell. It says of the birds that have roosted on it over time, the floods it had to endure, the insects and diseases that came and go.. all these little stories are recorded on this piece of art. Just as how the tree would capture its history. “

Price: 1 ETH

Zombie Stars #045 – Steve Jobs

Unique NFT collection of hand-illustrated Zombie Stars. There will only be 333 Zombies in this collection. Every Zombie has its own personality.

Price: 1 ETH


This piece comes from the Van Orton twin brothers artists based in Italy. The brothers have worked with Armani, BMW, Microsoft, Marvel, and many more.

Price: 2 ETH

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