October 16, 2021

NFT Summit to Bring Together Leading Global NFT Ecosystem

The NFT Summit is set to take place virtually on June 1- 2, 2021 to discuss all aspects of the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as they transform digital economies globally.

Over the past two years, NFTs have grown from social experiments, such as Crypto Kitties, to $69M pieces of digital art, Metaverses as the new immersive internet, entire economies built on NFTs, and world-class celebrities backing the new phenomenon.

The NFT Summit will be a deep dive into the world of NFTs, bringing together industry leaders and creators to discuss the future of this disruptive technology. Panelists will include David Namdar, CEO of NFT.com; Alexander Salnikov, Co-Founder of Rarible; Erikan Obotetkudo, President of Crypto for Black Economic Empowerment; artists Krista Kim and REO, as well as Al Burgio, founder of Zytara; Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira, Co-Founder of The Fabricant, among others.

“We’re very excited to offer new innovators the opportunity to develop their ideas and take a look at what their peers are doing. It’s a very promising time for blockchain startups and we hope an event like this will keep the ecosystem growing and attracting fresh talent,” said Michael Gord, CEO of GDA Capital.

In times of globalization, the world is turning digital. Borderless transfer of ownership between people without a middle man will be a key factor when it comes to mass adoption of blockchain technology. That’s where I see huge value that can be created by making NFT’s simple and tangible,” said Raoul Milhado, CEO of Elitium.

Creators, investors & early blockchain pioneers will discuss the micro and macro implications of NFTs in global economies. Topics will include art, music, real estate, capital markets, the metaverse, NFTs for financial contracts, digital fashion, and more. The Summit is free to attend and aims to spread awareness and encourage participation.

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