October 19, 2021

Yuser launches Social currency and NFT app

Yuser Inc. announces the launch of their invite only media-sharing app that will include a set of state-of-the-art non-fungible token (NFT) creation and marketing tools, allowing content creators and brands the ability to sell their digital works over the third party platform OpenSea.

Yuser Inc., is a Canadian technology company focused on disrupting the social media model of capitalizing on user content and data. Led by Tom Cermak and Eunika Sot, who combined forces in 2018, Yuser’s focus has always been on increasing value for creators and end-users.

For Tom and Eunika, adding smart contracts signals a return to Yuser’s defi roots. “NFTs are the most highly regarded smart contract that blockchain technology today has to offer. We are proud to be able to help creators better protect their digital rights and monetize their works as we envisioned back in 2018 when we started Yuser.”, says CEO Tom Cermak.

Yuser is teaming up with a roster of highly regarded content creators in a variety of mediums to help curate their initial NFT sales, including the sale of a Jason R. Gray feature length indie film, artwork by Juno Award winner Sarah Legault, mixed-media artwork from James Kirkpatrick, and content from record label ADAP. A series of contests amounting to 4 ETH (roughly $10,000) will kick off the launch. Yuser empowers creators to easily create content, convert it into an NFT, and auction it through a platform like OpenSea.

The launch of NFT creation and marketing tools coincides with Yuser’s much anticipated marketplace integration with Shopify, the fastest growing e-commerce platform in North America. The e-commerce partnership allows users to purchase an array of products online using their earned digital currency called Gems. Users can also use Gems in participating brick and mortar stores.

Eunika Sot, COO, comments on the upcoming update release. “Whether you are a graphic artist, musician, photographer or filmmaker, you can participate over Yuser in the growing NFT market space, which has already expanded to well over a billion dollars. The world needed to catch up to the notion and importance of NFTs, and now that the word is out, we’re ready to help creators shape the future of social media.”

The Yuser app is a social media and rewards platform that empowers users to earn digital currency. Now, creators will be able to generate NFTs of their content to sell on the OpenSea marketplace.

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