October 23, 2021

Uniswap Video Ad Sold for an Insane $525,000 as an NFT

In today’s wild NFT news, digital artist pplpleasr is making waves through paid promo videos that explain decentralized finance protocols using rich symbolism.

Her latest video, in which decentralized exchange Uniswap’s latest algorithm brings an arid desert to life, just sold for a massive $525,000 (310 ETH) as an NFT. Keep in mind that it’s an ad, paid for by Uniswap.

The video starts with Uniswap‘s unicorn mascot roaming a rocky plateau, looking glum and hating everything, its magical powers wholly spent. Suddenly Uniswap’s newly-updated algorithm, the one that powers the next version of its decentralized exchange, sprouts from the rocks and shoots forward, leaving in its wake a thick canopy of trees and lights.

Then the algorithm then leads the unicorn, by now striding and ablaze with the algorithm’s crypto swapping powers, to an oasis that represents Ethereum.

But it’s punchy and to-the-point—and, crucially, could attract people to the insanely complicated niche of decentralized finance, where each protocol functions as its own puzzle box. Since it went live on Monday, the ad (which, remember, promotes an algorithm) has attracted 650,000 views on Twitter.

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